About company

ATA Partners was founded by its partners - Irakli Siradze and Giorgi Kverkhelidze in January 2013. It represents one of the region's leading multidisciplinary advisory, accounting and tax auditing company. Over the short period of existence, the firm managed to build reputation of reliable and the highest quality professional service provider.

At ATA Partners we pay particular attention to the relationships with our customers. We meet them on a regular basis, discuss important business matters, assess possible risks and help them to make right decisions.

We are always ready to fully devote available resources to our customers’ interests and problems, be creative, innovative and customer-oriented company. The result of our work is a long-lasting and a strong relationship with our customers which significantly distinguishes ATA Partners on the Georgian market.

We work closely with the medium and large businesses which operate in the following industries:






Real estate

Hotel business



Our advantages are:

> Qualified personnel

We have qualified staff and always care of their development.

>  More communication       

We are always in touch with our clients and keep them updated. Given existing accounting and regulatory environment, it is more important than ever to be informed on current developments. Thus we periodically provide our clients with updates on the latest laws and regulations.

> Timely responses      

Our team is always ready to respond quickly when necessary.

>  Result-oriented service                       

Working closely with customers, we establish relationships which lead to process streamlining and effective management. We are exploring possible challenges and help clients to overcome them for better allocation of their resources.

> Insurance

Our professional liability is insured for 1 million GEL and is guaranteed with high quality insurance service.