Vision and mission

Our vision is to provide customers with a highest quality advisory, accounting and tax services, be their advisor of choice and a reliable partner, active player in the field of taxation and consulting and a preferred employer for our staff. To ensure these we:


Employ experienced and qualified staff;

Recruit and train our personnel on a permanent basis;

Develop professional practices;

Reveal legislative gaps and offer initiates to the relevant government agencies;

Are responsive to the market needs and changes.


Our mission is to support our clients to take important decisions, to orient in and adapt to the modern, rapidly changing environment offering them our distinctive and individual services.

Current Tax Code of Georgia does not provide a common tax policy in some cases. Proper practice is hard to be established due to the frequently changing tax code. Tax regulations and tax incentives are of great importance to our clients and with us this information becomes readily available and more understandable for them.

It should also be noted that the importance of having access to the upcoming tax code amendments and the variety of other information is very crucial for businesses. We are always in the center of developments and are able to provide you with all the necessary information, including upcoming tax code changes and ensure proper planning of your business operations.

By studying and analyzing our clients' business and identifying their needs we play an active role in creating legislative proposals and we are confident that we contribute to the improvement of business environment.