Our partners attended at the meeting about Estonian Model


The workshop organized by the Ministry of Finance and supported and financed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was held in Kakheti on January 23-25. The discussion concerned draft manuals about the so called Estonian model that was prepared by the Revenue Service. The workshop was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Revenue Service, USAID and certain Georgian and international auditing companies. On behalf of the ATA Partners the meeting was attended by partners Giorgi Kverkhelidze and Vazha Petriashvili. They were actively involved in the review of manuals and presented their comments and suggestions to the authors of the projects.

We hope that final manuals will reflect all those comments and suggestions that were expressed on the meeting. Since the purpose of the document is to assist taxpayers in implementing new income tax model and streamlining the process of declarations, it is extremely important that all the comments expressed by private sector representatives are taken into account as much as possible.

These types of workshops are aimed at understanding the private sector representatives’, thus taxpayers’ opinions to consider them into the legislation. Our company actively cooperates with the Ministry of Finance and Revenue Service and is represented in almost all the events of this type, which is the best platform to represent and defend our clients' interests.