In terms of taxes our service includes tax accounting and tax consulting.

Tax audit

Tax audit services comprises the following: determining the compliance of the data submitted in the tax returns with the company accounting data and tax legislation, analyzing client’s business operations in the respective reporting period and examining client’s tax reports for the purposes of identification of any possible tax risks.

Within the service of tax audit ATA Partners offers you:

  • Tax audit of previous reporting periods;

Tax audit of current reporting periods.


Tax Consulting

Tax planning

ATA Partners does not only care about keeping you up to date on the new tax legislation and regulations, but it is also actively engaged in initiating legislative changes that are aimed at tax optimization and better business environment.

We are members of the professional council for commentaries of tax legislation in the Revenue Service at the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. Our involvement in professional council significantly determines the quality of reliability of our services and the high level demand on it. 

Tax planning represents a principal and an essential element of the ATA Partners’ tax consulting service. We offer tax planning:

  • At the company level;
  • At the individual level;
  • At the level of individual operations and transactions;

We provide you with the professional knowledge and qualification that you will be able to use for your long-term goals. As a result of our cooperation, you will manage to control tax risks that may arise in the future. Also you will have relevant decisions regarding the methods to tackle those risks.

Our qualified staff is able to establish the business strategy tailored to your business specifics. By transforming the tax planning into business strategy you will manage to use our expertise and access to the domestic and international tax legislation and thereby reduce current and potential tax risks.


Advance ruling

ATA Partners offers the preparation of advance ruling request letter. The service consists of:

  • Preliminary review of the documents related to the advance ruling transactions;
  • Identification and assessment of the tax risks associated with these transactions;
  • Preparation of advance ruling request letter;

Participation in discussions together with the Revenue Service regarding the advance ruling request letter.

Advance tax ruling is binding for tax authorities. From taxpayer’s perspective advance ruling is an official approach of tax authorities regarding specific transactions. Taxpayer that acts in accordance with advance ruling is protected by law from any charges and sanctions.

The whole advance ruling process from application to tax authorities to the official reply from them consists of discussions and debates between tax authorities and taxpayer and our involvement in the process is also necessary.

According to the tax code, taxpayer shall not act in accordance with the advance tax ruling if the facts and circumstances referred in an advance tax ruling do not correspond to the real situation or do not provide a complete picture. Thus it is very important that taxpayer describes in details factual circumstances related to the subject of advance ruling when making an application to the tax authority. Otherwise if it is considered that factual circumstances as described in the advance ruling request letter are not real and complete, there may be a risk that the fee paid by taxpayer appear unsuccessfully spent. This is why the role of experienced tax consultant is extremely important in the whole process. Our company offers extensive experience in this regards as well.


Tax appeal/disputes

We will consult you in the course of tax audits and will conduct legal evaluation of the activities of tax authorities.

We will assist you in the process of preparing appeal documentation, will represent you on the appeals within the system of the Ministry of Finance and will defend your interests.

We will represent you and defend your interests in courts at all levels.


Tax due diligence

We offer tax due diligence which envisages advance study and evaluation of business operations to be carried out by individual or legal persons and a forecast of expected outcomes in terms of taxation.


International taxation

For the purposes of effective management of foreign investments multinational organizations require qualified advisors that will assist in planning, analyzing and managing risks related to their operations.

We offer our knowledge and extensive experience in Georgia’s double tax treaties that will help you avoid double taxation of your company’s income.


Transfer pricing

The importance of transfer pricing is growing in Georgia. Transfer pricing among multinational organizations that is not in compliance with the market price principle may have a significant effect on the taxable profit of enterprises. Any profits which would have been accrued to any enterprise if the conditions of the operation were in compliance with the market price principle but have not so accrued because they were not in compliance with the market price principle, may be included in the profits of that enterprise and taxed accordingly.

Tax Code offers various methods to calculate transfer price of the controlled transaction.  The selection of the appropriate method requires qualification and professionalism. The wrong method may produce significant costs for companies.

ATA partners offers you the preparation of documents and assessment of the transfer price with regard to the international controlled transaction.